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Reads RDF/XML or N-Triple statements from a file and and loads them into a model. The URL for the file to load must be absolute. The general syntax is as follows:

load [local | remote] file into model;

For example:

load <> into <rmi://>;
load <file:/tmp/ntriple.n3 into <rmi://>;

By default, the load command expects an RDF/XML file. To load an N-Triple file, the file must have one of the following file extensions: .n3, .nt, .n3.gz, .nt.gz, or The load command also accepts zip and GNUzip (gzip) compressed file formats.

For documents with a protocol of file:, two optional parameters specify whether the document resides on the server or the client:

For example:

load <file:/tmp/mydata.rdf> into <rmi://>;


load remote <file:/tmp/mydata.rdf> into <rmi://>;

are equivalent. The file resides on the server and is loaded into the model.

load local <file:/tmp/mydata.rdf> into <rmi://>;

streams the file from the client to the server first, then loads it into the model.

Note - For systems running a Windows® operating system, the file specification would look something like <file:/C:/temp/mydata.rdf>.

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