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Mulgara Driver

The Mulgara driver provides a means to communicate directly with a Mulgara server. It is employed (at some level) by all higher-level components including the iTQLTM interpreter and the iTQL Bean. The driver is responsible for query resolution including issuing queries to remote and local Mulgara servers and coordinating responses back to clients. The driver communicates with remote servers via SOAP or RMI.

For example, in query resolution, query handlers are invoked for communicating with servers behind SOAP or RMI connections. Each of these communication methods can be secured using conventional means including SSL, TLS and SSH.

The architectural separation of the driver and the remote server allows the building of 2-tier to n-tier applications. For example, a web application server hosting a web interface built using JSPs may run on one machine. The application communicates to a SOAP endpoint on another machine, this endpoint employs a driver that communicates via RMI to remote servers.

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