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The iTQLTM Shell allows you to send statements to a Mulgara Semantic Store to retrieve and modify data. It runs as a stand-alone executable that can be used on local and remote instances. The usage of the iTQL shell is described in the following sections. For more information see the example iTQL Shell Session and the iTQL Tutorial.

The iTQL command line shell comes packaged in a self contained executable JAR file. This file contains all necessary libraries and configuration files needed to run the iTQL shell.

If you're platform supports it, the JAR file can be executed by double clicking the file from within a graphical file browser. If not, you can execute it from the command line as follows:

$ java -jar itql-1.0.0.jar

Once started, you'll be greeted with the following:

Mulgara Semantic Store version 1.XX Build x.X.X
Command Line Interface


The last line is the iTQL prompt, from where you can type iTQL commands.

As a start, you may want to type help; at the prompt. This displays a list of commands that you can execute. Typing help command; displays detailed help on each command.

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