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Starting a Mulgara Semantic Store Server

Details for building Mulgara are available in the installation guide. You should follow the instructions in this document before continuing with this section.

The server comes packaged in a self contained executable JAR file. This file contains all necessary libraries and configuration files needed for it to run.

You'll be able to start the server executable JAR:

$ java -jar mulgara-1.0.0.jar

If the server fails to start, the exception message may suggest why.

No such file or directory

The mulgara-1.0.0.jar file is missing or the path to it is incorrect.

The default configuration creates a server named server1. The URL of the new server is based on the network protocol (always JavaTM RMI), the DNS name of the machine it runs on, and the configured server name. For example, a server started on a machine with the DNS name would have the URL rmi:// Once the server is started, you use this URL in the iTQL shell to direct queries to the server.

Beware that the server will treat URLs as different if you try to refer to it by a different DNS name for the same machine. Because of the trouble this can cause, avoid abbreviations or aliases of the DNS name of a local server. For example, even if you are connecting to a server on the machine from another machine in the local domain, the URLs rmi://myserver/server1 and rmi://localhost/server1 are not equivalent to rmi:// and should not be used.

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